Why your restaurant needs a virtual tour to gain more customers

May 10, 2018Restaurant Virtual Tours

Why a Matterport virtual tour could benefit your restaurant business

I’m a fan of Masterchef and I love to watch the judges tasting the food offered up by nervous contestants. Their expressions are key: what do they think of each mouthful? John Torode and Greg Wallace resort to verbal gymnastics and fine adjectives to explain which flavours work, why a dish is a success or a failure. Sometimes there are tears of happiness in their eyes and I wish I could taste what they are tasting, be in their shoes right now.

It’s as difficult to sell your food on your website as it is to describe a Masterchef moment. No matter how good your cuisine, your potential customers have only visuals to go on. The internet can’t sell the smells coming from the kitchen or the tastes you create, it can only present it to the customer for better or worse.
This is where a Matterport 3D virtual tour comes in. The brilliance of a user-friendly 3D tour is that it allows potential customers to walk through your restaurant and your kitchens as if they had just walked in off the street.

All you have to do is set up your restaurant at its best. Is it a bustling diner or a cosy, romantic spot? We will help you to present the interiors as you’d want your customers to see them. At the touch of a button, they will be able to browse each room and even imagine where they’d like to sit, making them more likely to book for a night out or special occasion.

Restaurants are all about the food, of course they are, but don’t be underestimate the importance of ambience for winning new customers.

Example of a showroom virtual tour:

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