Promoting Your Holiday Home – A Virtual Wakeup Call

Mar 15, 2018Holiday Home Virtual Tours

Promote your holiday home with a virtual tour

Lots of people are going into holiday home rental, but it can be a frustrating business. Your house or apartment is looking gorgeous. It’s well-equipped and in a great location, but the bookings aren’t pouring in. Whether you are with Airbnb, Owners Direct or a trusted agent, you need a distinctive edge to make your property stand out from the crowd.

On the other side of the computer screen, vacation bookers want to know exactly what they’re getting when selecting a place to stay. If only they could walk through the rooms, peer through the windows and get a feeling for the holiday ahead of them. It would be so much easier for them to choose.
This is where the latest generation of 3D tours come in. They are clear, colourful and inviting. They allow potential customers to stroll through each indoor and outdoor space, to imagine themselves relaxing in your home.

In my experience, holiday-home owners are amazed by two things: the ease of capture and the stunning results. A new-gen virtual tour makes your property look bigger, brighter and even better than you can imagine. It only takes a couple of hours (depending on the size of the spaces of course) and all you have to do is tidy up! In no time, you’ll have your own 3D tour to keep, embed on your website and link to via social media.

Virtual tours really are the future for holiday home promotion. It’s time to be part of the future.

Example of a holiday home virtual tour:

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