How a virtual tour can help to sell your commercial property

Apr 12, 2018Commercial Property Virtual Tours

Commercial Property Virtual Tour

It’s not always easy to find inventive ways to promote commercial property. Whether you are selling small office pods for home-workers or gigantic warehouses for logistics storage, you are basically selling an empty space, a blank canvas for your customers to fill. Static imagery can be uninspiring – and your job is to inspire.

We work with marketing agencies promoting some of the biggest commercial properties in the UK. They are constantly looking for new ways to capture the scale and flexibility of buildings which can store many thousands of products for distribution to retail outlets or direct to homes through internet fulfilment. Maybe they will become outlets for modern manufacturing or IT. Prospective customers need to know that the building is fit for purpose.

A virtual tour can really bring a large building to life. More than a fly-through (where the viewer is taken passively through the building, not stopping,) a 3D tour allows the customer to run, skip and hop at his or her own pace. It takes the lid off the building, revealing office hubs, canteens and other important features. It puts the customer at the controls, which is just where a customer wants to be.
At the other end of the scale, a well-made and insulated office shed can be the answer to cramped family living. A modern office pod can be a stylish addition to any garden, but customers need to visualise exactly how it will fit into their back yard before buying.

Virtual Reality Tours place the customer right inside the commercial spaces, so they can imagine how their work will work. It’s fresh, it’s different and it helps all kinds of buildings and structures to sell.

Example of a commercial property virtual tour:

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